Big Blue Gum

Print Design, Book Design, Layout Design, Package Design, Branding/Identity, Website Design, Website Development

Challenge: Conceptualize a product and develop an identity/set of system guidelines for the brand. This includes logo/package design, website, style guide, and process book.

Solution: I created a gum that aids to relieve the stress and performance anxiety experienced by athletes due to the high demands and expectations of balancing everyday life and athletics. 


Style Guide and Process Book: The style guide was designed in unison with the process book, so that both books could be slipped into a book sleeve that mimicked the Big Blue Gum packaging.


Website Design and Development: The Big Blue website is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate. The user can access all of the pages through the navigation as well as through the buttons in the respective sections on the home page. I coded the website myself, using basic HTML and CSS.