Corn Sculpture Series

The American Corn System: This piece is a representation of how corn dominates the American agricultural landscape. While corn is a very productive and versatile crop, the system in which the United States uses corn is inefficient. There is definitely room for growth and refinement in the future of how we utilize corn as a nation. Done in October of 2017, this piece kick started the series.


Inefficient: This piece discusses the inefficiency of feeding cows corn instead of grass. I spent my Thanksgiving weekend creating these cow pies in my grandmother’s backyard in NJ. I collected the cow manure from several farms in Westport, MA. Luckily my brother, who was home from engineering school, was able to help me rig a kiln to dry/bake the pies over the course of 24 hours. 

Corn Crib: Not only is this piece a play on words but it references childhood obesity due to America’s consumer culture and the overconsumption of corn. I have estimated that there are approximately 60,000 kernels on this crib. Each individual kernel was glued on by hand.