Mired in the Maize

Print Design, Book Design, Layout Design, Photography, Branding/Identity, Environmental Design

Senior Thesis Project: Mired in the Maize, takes a deeper look into the American corn system. From shampoo and toothpaste to soft drinks and burgers, corn is in just about everything we use and consume. Corn is sufficient for our nation’s economy, but insufficient for our bodies and our planet. The real danger of corn is not in its raw form, but in its byproducts. 


Big Book of Corn: For the final project I designed a 172 page book composed of a series of 78 self portraits displaying my interaction with and consumption of grocery store staples that are all made with corn. On the opposing page of each self portrait is a list of the item's ingredients with the corn derived byproducts emphasized.


Takeaways: The book was complemented with magnets, to serve as a daily refrigerator reminder of the everythingness of corn.

Wall Display for Exhibition: In addition to several 11x17 prints of the self portraits, hung a 3 foot CNC router engraving and cut out of the Mired in the Maize identity.