Project YES Identity

Print Design, Branding/Identity

Mission: Project YES, a Seven Hills Behavioral Health Program, is providing prevention services to youth and young adults ages 13–24. Project YES strives to empower youth by giving them a voice, offering support, and fostering a community. The Project YES headquarters is located in New Bedford and caters to the Southcoast region of Massachusetts.



Identity and Guidelines: The identity was inspired by imagery of the region's seascape. To symbolize empowerment, a fist replaces the classic image of a whale tail breaking the ocean’s surface. This same fist then breaks through the window/ship port hole to create a sense of visual depth. To incorporate Seven Hills Behavioral Health, the mark depicts seven waves. 

The primary color palette is drawn directly from the Seven Hills Behavioral Health identity. The secondary color palette is composed of vibrant and youthful hues, representing the core values of Project YES.

8.5 x 11 Flyer: I designed this flyer to be used as both promotional and informational collateral for Project YES. The flyers are handed out, posted, and hung at various places in the community during hours of outreach.